Do structure components go into stasis?

As many Ark players are aware Dinos supposedly walking through walls and other things is supposedly related to what their client sees…I understand a lot more about client/server communication and how the whole thing fits together but I haven’t had any official comment on whether structures go into stasis. To me it would seem silly to put a static structure into stasis is its a relatively small component that doesn’t really perform many functions when compared to a wild dino which will wander/attack/poop etc.

Yes, yes it does. When you say silly… imagine 4000 structures being drawn by the client/server at all times… now if you have a server with a few friends then sure what harm can it do.

Ever heard of draw distance?

This is where stasis comes in. Just because something is not being drawn, does not mean it’s logic/code is not executing. There is a max draw distance of about 30k units, or so I’ve heard, and stasis begins at 20k units.

When something is no longer being drawn at all and there are no players within 20k units, all visual aspects are hidden, the collision is disabled(I think) and most of the time almost all code execution pauses and the actors replicate either never or much less frequently.

To answer your original question, every single actor goes into stasis, players, structures and creatures.


…Am i asking the question or are you? WoefulMacabre is absolutely correct, and to confirm even collision is still enabled.