Do static meshes make use of physics material?


If i use BSP brushes my Friction values work correctly.
However on static meshes everything is as if its on ice. No friction what so ever.

Using 4.7.


Those are the 2 interacting with each other.
I even went overboard and made friction a few million.

But nothing seems to have an effect. Everything that is a static mesh just applies 0 friction.
What could i have missed as this used to work perfectly well in the past. Maybe im tired and i am not thinking clearly.

This seems to be a bug in 4.7
After changing physics materials, it does nothing if you change values.
You need to close the editor. Then relaunch your game to see the changes.

Will log it on AnswerHub

Thank you for taking the time to post this to AnswerHub. I’ve actually been testing this based on your notes above, but was unable to reproduce, so I’ll have a couple of questions. :slight_smile:

Once you post the question on AnswerHub if you’ll link it back here I’ll make sure to assign myself.

Thanks, Crocopede!

Hi Tim.

Right now i’m a bit confused because after i restarted the editor a 3rd or 4th time the changes seem to take effect. I don’t know. Maybe a hiccup. I did migrate the assets from another project.
After migration i noticed that friction is not working.
That’s when i posted this, and i also tested the stuff above.
I restarted the editor again and noticed the above settings applying. The result was my vehicle is stuck. Too much friction.
I set the settings lower again, but nothing changed. Restarted the editor and then it was applied.
However after this restart, i could see changes in the settings immediately. So i’m not sure if its fixed now… or if i was just lucky. I was happy with the result so moved over to asset creation.

I will do a few more tests tomorrow once im back in the editor and post the bug on answerhub and give you the link.
Either way, will post let you know how it goes.


If you get anywhere I’m definitely interested in investigating further. I’m glad everything is working correctly for you now though. :slight_smile:



Just wanted to post back and let you know that things apply now immediately. I am not 100% sure why this occurred.
The most likely scenario is that it was a lack of knowledge regarding vehicles from my side.

I at some point later on discovered that my wheel type has a friction multiply of 0.
So the fluke did not come in from changing friction levels. As 0 will always be 0 even if a road surface has over 9000 friction applied.
So where did the fluke come in that the vehicle started doing stuff after each editor restart?

Honestly i have no idea.
Lets chalk it up to one of the those Bermuda triangle dev moments where occasionally works gets lost, or work you never consciously did just appears. I seem to have a lot of those.

Keep in mind that materials (texture/shader) have physical surface overrides as well.