Do something when event ends?

As you can see in the image below; I have a simple OnSeePawn even which is triggered when an AI controller sees the player. But how do I make him “unsee” the player? Or rather, I want to do something when he stops seeing me.

So for example, if I go behind a wall the OnSeePawn event will stop and that’s when I want something else to be triggered?

In UE4 Event is a Function just cosmetically diffrent, so it’s not something that starts and begin, it’s just called once on event as any other function. So there need to be 2 events for start and stop (like overlap event) has… problem is PawnSensingComponent don’t have stop event like that, you would need to implement such event in C++ by extending that component, i guess it’s good feature request. You could also code ytou own pawn sesning colution on blueprint, but use timers insted of tick as it’s might be too heavy

Oh I see, that’s really disappointing. Is there no way to get around that with blueprints and behavior trees?

I’ll post it as a feature request for now then at least.