Do something if two booleans are true

Hey guys.
Very simple (and probably stupid) question, but I can’t figure it out, that’s incredible lol.

I want to make something after that two booleans become “TRUE”. How can I do that?
I’ll post a screenshot to help you to understand what I’d want to do.


Of course, and “AND operator” is not the best choice, since it returns true also when both are false. I need to be sure that both of them are TRUE, and then give the output to the branch node.


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AND returns True only when both bools are true. NAND returns True when both bools are false. So you can use AND, or use two branches for the bools and attach them one after the other via their True pin.


The fact was that I tried a million times with the AND operator, and the entire function never worked. Now I realized that the error was a stupid thing before the end.
Darn… I got a degree in Computer Science and I was forgetting everything about logical operator… hurrah!

Thanks anyway.

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I was blown away when I read this, and had to test it to confirm

“and” node, both inputs being false - always results in false. Confirmed

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