Do "Simple Move To.." Nodes Work With Paper 2D Sprites?

It can theoretically work but the requirement for the node is what makes it a not so great choice.

“Simple Move To” uses the nav mesh from unreal to determine possible paths (otherwise one wouldn’t have any control over the possible pathing). To set one up you need to place a “Nav Mesh Volume” which generates all walkable surfaces and how they are connected or not connected via stairs or whatever. You can just set up a small volume and make enemies walk within that via the “Simple Move To” node.

But in 2D unless you want to quickly prototype something with more complex behavior (aka interrupt the movement and implement some attack logic or chasing or similar) you usually wanna implement something yourself.

As you noticed correctly “Set Actor Location” will immediately change the location of your character so simply setting this to where you wanna be doesn’t work. However you can use a timeline to create a curve and move between two points based on the output of the timeline or in case you have multiple points you can interpolate between the current position and the vector of your next destination.


Hello everybody,

I am making a 2D platformer and want to have a sprite actor follow my player character around. I’ve been trying to use the “Simple Move To Actor” and “Simple Move To Location” nodes to do this, but they just don’t seem to work with 2D sprites. I’ve seen plenty of videos of people using these nodes in 3D games and they work perfectly, but it just doesn’t seem to work with 2D games.

When I use “Set Actor Location,” it all works. It’s just that it snaps straight to its position, when I want it to move there at a walking pace, which I’ve seen the Simple Move To… nodes do quite easily.

Here is the Blueprint that works, using the Set Actor Location node:

And here is the Blueprint that doesn’t work, with the Simple Move To Actor node:

So my question is, am I missing something that will make these nodes work with my game, or are these functions just not built for 2D games? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I suspected I might have to use this sort of method. Thanks for your answer!