Do SetActive(bNewActive=false) aka deactivated components take up performance still?

If I had a BP actor that had say 10 meshes, 2 for each “version” of that blueprint that all shared a couple collision boxes for its logic and had it so that everything was deactivated on beginPlay() except the version current set to be active, would the 8 other meshes (deactivated) use up CPU time? GPU time? Draw calls?

Whats the benefit of creating seperate classes and spawning the meshes with a master parent class that has the logic vs having all the meshes and the logic in one class and deactivating unneeded components. Will it be noticable if I spawn 10 of these all-in-one classes? 100? 500? 1000?

I cant find any info on “Deactivated component performance”


Heres my setup, any ideas if deactiving/activating this way will work (im basically choosing 10/40 static meshes on runtime)