Do Sequencer Event Tracks only work in Level Blueprints


I’m currently trying to trigger an event from a Sequencer Track in one of my Blueprint Actors.

I’m using the “Create Level Sequence Player” node inside the Blueprint Actor and I’m storing the return value as a new Variable. This Variable is used together with a “Play” node.
It seems that everything is working, except for the Event Track. I couldn’t find any notice in the documentation that warns you about this, so I’m wondering if it’s intended,

If I do the same in the Level Blueprint it works just fine, but it’d be nice to do it directly from the blueprint.

I also can’t get the “OnPlay”, “OnStop” and “OnPause” events to do anything in either of the two blueprints, am I missing something with that?


4.16 (now in preview release) will have more support for event tracks. Events will be fired in sublevel blueprints. In addition, you’ll be able to define “event receivers” - blueprints that should receive events. Take a look at that and see if that suits your needs.

Sounds amazing. I’ll look into that. Thanks!