Do scripted actions work in 4.23

I recently upgraded to 4.23 and was working on a project that required scripted actions using Blutility. Creating the actor action utility in the content browser and adding a new editor event seemed to work fine (script)

however when I tried right-clicking an actor in the scene the option to call a scriptable action did not appear. Am I going about this the wrong way, does my script make sense or is this currently unsupported.

Make sure you created the Blutility the correct way.

Make sure you have the Editor Scripting utilities plugin enabled.

In your content browser right click in an empty space and select Editor Utilities → Editor Utility Blueprint

If that doesn’t resolve the issue then check if you have the correct class set in the GetSupportedClass function.

Thank you so much, creating it via the editor utilities menu instead of finding it in the blueprint class creator fixed the problem.

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