do people usually buy character ?

i planned to make additional robot. but i wonder if people buying them for games ? or buying them for hobby ?

character probably the least product to be bought.

If make it and market it very well, people will buy anything.

Some Game Devs do it for hobby, some do it for business. No matter what, Publish only high quality assets that are ‘production’ ready. I personally only by modular characters, weapons, vehicles, architecture, so I create a large variety of prefabs or allow my players to customize in game. I don’t by anything from the marketplace that is not modular/readily customizable (and I need more than just a freaking material color change). So my recommendation is, if you are going to do a robot it needs to be modular and have Blueprints to assemble it in the unrealeditor and in-game.I created a bot with a simple capsule mesh, so there’s a lot you can do with bots within the design itself.

Is that robot sell well ?

Modular Characters” are terrible for runtime performance… TERRIBLE!
I believe people buying from Marketplace didn’t understand that yet.

For each body part you have to render an entire new skeleton and sync it’s animations with the main skeleton, there’s tons of additional draw calls, when you look at stats your game is running as slow as PUBG.
If your Character has 6 replaceable parts you are basically generating 6 Characters per player to be rendered + animated, goodbye 60+FPS.

That’s the old way doing things. The new way is to use a base body mesh and attach mesh parts to its bones/sockets. In many cases static meshes can be converted to instanced static meshes.

Good luck deforming pants or a tshirt o whatever without binding it to a skeleton.

Have a look in here:…simplification

So thats the way i modelling my charcters in mind. And yes the drawcall can significant reduced by only static mesh parts attached via socket to the character with instancing and merging, pre batch baking atlas maps or while runtime. if ever wondered no one talks about this.

I do not worry about that because I do not use it for my game. An idea is to morph target the skeletal mesh deforming it while runtime(character creator) and after deforming making it static mesh and attach to socket.

But this can resolve many problems.…simplification

I hope i understand this right and its meant that in future we can merge and instance skeletal mesh. What i will never understand, why must every character be scaled at runtime. Did anybody has this seen such fidling’s in Battlefield, Call of Duty and Co? This i only a phenomena for RPG/MMO, and as its say from my previous speaker it causes performance dropping.

Why not ask the Marketplace Creators directly about the situtaion. Here’s a nice thread.

Good Luck.

No. No one is going to use a character that will be used in hundreds of other games too.

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Do you have any sales figures to back that up?

i am curious.

Do you have sales figures that no one is buying human sht?

I just need fact.

You won’t get it. There are no facts available, you need to rely on common sense. you heard opinions

simply sale data are enough to get what i want.

You were already given an answer.
No one cares what you want

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Sounds like someone should create a system to merge those customizable characters into a single skeletal mesh at runtime!