do people make a lot of mobile games with unreal?


I wanna make simple games at first, before jumping into this engine I wanna know if unreal is actually used for mobile games, I mean usually.

What I have in mind is 3d platformer with fruit or animal character with low poly maps. I feel this is too simple for unreal.

I know unreal is capable of making any games, but I don’t see many games made by unreal in iphone app store.
There are, but not many.

Is there any reason for that? is that just because unreal is big engine or released free only recently?
Or it’d be better just look for simpler engine which is for small games?

thx head.

You can use it for mobile games, but atm it’s still a pretty performance heavy engine + the paper 2d pipeline is still not perfect :slight_smile:


I think that’s one reason why many people still use unity for mobile games

I don’t think it’s ready for Mobile. I would also say Unity is too large for mobile. I think WebGL will eventually be the way to go, although it has it’s issues. I am currently porting a Unity project to WebGL. As for UE4 html 5 builds (they are webGL), they are far bloated.

no they don’t.a lot of people try though

mobile games always need tremendous optimisation to run with playable performance and most people are not experienced enough to understand that hence the game bloats and then they give up.

I have worked on a mobile game which is still in progress and it plays nice. we had bad optimisation in the start which resulted in 10-12 fps but then we learned the point and did stuff like simplifying meshes and use low res textures etc and cutting off some redundant code and we crossed 40fps even with physics and particle fx going around

but yeah unity is still better at mobiles since it ships well optimised for mobile games from start

Give Stingray Engine a try. was made with UE4 and it’s brilliant.

Not a lot, only a few enthusiast that like to go against the stream! like me :slight_smile:

You can take a look to my 2D game on my signature…

I think those who put the serious time and energy into using Unreal for mobile tend to produce stellar projects. Basically because it is more difficult, those that do it tend to know what they are doing and make better products. Kinda why people assume Unity is not a good engine… it is easier therefore people see a lot of poorly made products for it and assume the engine is to blame :slight_smile: Both have their place and both can produce awesome products… if you want to create some amazing 3D games Unreal (Infinity Blade anyone?) may be your best bet. I don’t know about the 2D side though.

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