Do old udk tutorials still apply?

Do old tutorials like eat 3d visual fx dvds for UDK still apply to Unreal engine 4? OR is the process and the UI totally different now?

Most(meaning, not everything in them) of the Cascade and Matinee tutorials still apply.

yeah you can still learn a lot from the old stuff just know some things have changed. I do hope they come out with 3rd party videos and books soon like those mastering Unreal Technology books would be nice for the 4th engine :-).

Most things will be almost completely different. With the exception of Cascade and Matinee, there are lots of changes.

The big ones:

-Blueprint has replaced Kismet and the Kismet-able Prefab system and can potentially replace the need for C++
-There is no Unrealscript
-The terrain system of UDK has been deprecated completely and only the Landscape system remains
-The UI is vastly different
-To my knowledge there is no longer an “actor classes” window, but I could be wrong. I use blueprint in my projects so I haven’t had to use it if it is there.
-Pathnodes are no longer used, they have been replaced with an auto-recompiling volume similar to the pylons in UE3.5
-Multiple projects can be managed within one UE4 installation
-crowd and fluid surface systems are absent from what I can tell
-FracturedStaticMeshes have been completely deprecated and replaced with Apex Destructibles (but Apex Lab is no longer needed to make them, they can be made in-editor)
-You’ll need to put Cube/sphere reflection captures in most rooms with shiny or reflective objects
-Vehicles aren’t implemented yet
-Pawns handle most player inputs rather than the playercontroller like they used to