Do not close unreal build window after error

Is it possible to do this? Every time I see something like this

than I press Yes, and see Unreal Build window like that

But if the build fails, I see Error dialog, and no option to see build log. Kinda annoying. I know I can see logs somewhere, but some people have the wtf moment, and start to panic. I saw it my own eyes.

Or maybe some links to log files in error dialog would be cool.

Hello ,

Whenever this build dialogue appears, it means that it is compiling the project in Visual Studio or XCode. You can should be able to see the same errors if you build the project in the compiler itself. Otherwise, the logs for that should always appear in the project’s directory under Saved > Logs as the most recent one. All of the information should be listed there for you. As far as getting the window to stay up, I don’t believe that is possible.

Yes, but no, not always. For example my error was related to wrong binaries in plugin folder, which are detected only on project load.
Still it was hard to explain people new to UE that they can test build project with xcode. They where just “WTF, UE does not work.”

I understand, I’ve placed in a feature request for this to be changed so that the window doesn’t immediately disappear upon failing to build. I would put in a bug report instead but the current functionality is intended so we’ll try to get the intention changed instead. For reference, the report number is UE-27281.

Have a nice day!