Do "No operation", "Pass-through" or "Routing" nodes exist?

I can’t find anything about this in the docs. Sometimes Blueprints can get messy or cluttered because the links between nodes follow an automatically computed path and the user cannot modify them. This usually ends up in lines overlapping nodes or other lines. For instance, if you have to connect an output pin to an input pin located in a node to the left of the current one you will overlap at least both.

I think this could be solved by having a special kind of node that does nothing, just redirect the input pin to the output pin (no matter the pin type) and let the user orient the node at will, so that you could have the input on the right side and the output on the left. This way you could route the lines around nodes and prevent clutter.

Is there anything like this in BP or is it planned?

Yes there is. Drag out a line from an input and drop somewhere in a blank area and there should be an option to add a reroute node. Please refer to screenshot. (This was introduced in v4.3 I believe)


What you mean is a “reroute” node. It is shown at the bottom when you draw normal exec lines but you can use it with any type you want :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that to help organization the “collapse nodes” function can come in handy.

When you mark nodes you can rightclick them to collapse them which in a way makes them their own function. They still technically exist in the same function (for example the event graph) but it get’s rid of overly complicated and filled maps (I’ll just call them maps for now. No idea what the correct name is). Additionally this prevents your BP editor from getting slow while placing new nodes or drawing new lines when your BP gets full (if you’re working with larger BPs you’ll know what I mean).

And last but not least remember macros. Everything you’re going to need more than once or twice should be in a macro if possible.

Hi Gatherer,

The reroute node, as others have mentioned, is great for organization of blueprints. However, the pass-through idea is currently under assessment by the development staff as a potential addition. Please keep a lookout in future release notes for it!

I found this in the documentation. But for some reason, doesn’t actually exist.
Pins exist. Which are annoying to work with. But this re-route box thing as pictured in the
documention is nowhere to be found.

Screen Shot:

theres several ways to create reroutes. you can either double click on the lines between nodes or drag off of a node and search for reroute. the node pictured in the doc you linked was changed ages ago if i remember right (it looks a bit different now). nowadays it just looks like a pin at the end of a line.