Do N not working

As you can see i put do n function with 4 n but it works only 1 time no matter n interger is. in third photo its inside my do n function so anyone?

alt text

Hi ,

Unfortunately I cannot tell what is occurring with the image attached. Can you show me a screenshot of where you are actually using the Do N so I can see your setup?

if you open Window>Developer Tools>Output log, are you seeing the print string 4 times?

It gets only one in there too

Hello there trandull. I believe the node you want to use is a ForLoop as oppose to the DoN.

In this example here, if I press 1 then the string containing ‘Hello’ will print 4 times (from index 0-4). If I press 2 however it will only print the string ‘Hello’ once but I can press it 4 times and then it won’t print ‘Hello’ anymore, in which you can use the reset pin there to allow you to press it 4 times again. Hope this helps.

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is correct. I have not used them in a long time, so it didn’t occur to me until now that the Do N is not designed as you are describing. a Do N just means that the functionality can only be done N number of times, then is locked and won’t be accessed again until the Do N is reset. What you are describing is a ForLoop as he points out in the image above. I apologize for the confusion on my end. However, ensure that your last index is your (desired N - 1), or set the first index to 1 so that it runs the correct number of loops.