Do multiplayer/networked games require a playercontroller/pawn?


I have made a prototype for a singleplayer turn based strategy game, which allows the player to select actors (soldiers etc) on the field, issue them with commands, and then let these commands play out when the player is ready.

I want to make my prototype work over the network, so that 2 people can play against each other (currently it only plays against a really simple AI).

I currently do not use any PlayerController, PlayState or Pawn for my prototype. Will I need to convert/add this functionality so that I can begin work on making my prototype run over the network?

I suppose what I’m asking is, What is implicitly required by the multiplayer/networking to even begin working on this aspect of the game?

Sorry about the rather open ended question…

Hey, welcome to the forum.

It’s difficult to answer your question without knowing more about your project, it probably is possible to make it work just as is.

What is implicitly required by the networking system is the replication of your variables and functions, if I were you I would check what variables, functions and events need to be synched and test it using this.

Edit: If you haven’t done it yet I suggest you watch this videos and these ones