Do many devs still use UE4?

Hi - Does anyone know current stats on how many devs still UE4?
If you are currently using it: how long do you plan use it for, Will your next project be UE5 etc?

I’m asking in regards to creating UE4 versions of my marketplace content, I really prioritize update requests (as I can’t do them all unfortunately).

Hi Keg,

I haven’t found any good reasons to move my UE4 projects to UE5. (VR projects targeting Quest)

Hard to get a sense of overall adoption rate though. There’s a poll function on here that might be fun to use:


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  • Do you currently use UE4 only?
  • Do you currently use UE5 only?
  • Do you currently use both UE4 and UE5?
  • Do you plan to upgrade to UE5 soon?

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Thanks! I didn’t know about that feature - very helpful :slight_smile:


I still use UE4 as I don’t get the performance I would like to achieve with UE5. Even though nanite is great it doesn’t help my game.

But if my next project has a larger world and is first person I may consider upgrading to UE5

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My projects are split between 4 and 5, but the one on 5 is only there to help answer questions and test UE5 specific issues here on the forums. My main projects still remain on 4.27 for the stability and performance. 5 is great, but still requires a bit more time to get to the stability of 4.27. I think 5.2 is going to be an amazing step forward and that might be my turning point for some projects.

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