Do Landmass Blueprint Brushes not work with world composition?

I’ve been trying for hours to get Blueprint Brushes to work with my World Composition levels, I tried adding the Blueprint Brush manager to persistent level, and the noise brush (CustomBrush_MaterialOnly) to the persistent level and sometimes it works, sometimes it does nothing, sometimes it shifts the landscape up somewhere around 100 points, I am just unable to understand it.
When I use the blueprint brush, my world composition viewer background turns white and levels become hella blurred and I get a warning that my levels have actors which are overlapping, which I’m sure is caused by the noise brush as it extends to all the other levels, even though it was in the persistent level.

Adding those mountain brushes (CustomBrush_Landmass) literally does nothing, either in persistent level or in a child level, it just drags in the actor for it and shows no effect on the landscape.

I’m stumped at this point. It’s just been behaving erratically. So does it just not work with world composition?

I need world composition because I’m creating a large map and if this doesn’t work, then I guess I’ll just have to paint manually :frowning:

Never gotten it to work.
But others on the forum have said they managed it / come in to complain about specific issues with it not working right.

You could always just make multiple maps and wait for the new version to drop in a year or so, plus wait the 2 to 3 years it will need to be usable XP

Or you could just drop the idea and manually sculpt…

Make the tiny map with the brushes.
Merge the layers down and export the combined heightmap to import into a world comp enabled landscape.
Technically you can even export the paint layers for it and re-use them, so the paint can be preserved too…

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I dumped the whole thing and now I’m sticking to manual landscaping. Can you recommend any good tutorials for manual landscaping? I need to make cliffs and I’ve just begun searching for them.

Cliffs need meshes anyway.
The landscape doesn’t offer too much accuracy when it comes to vertical tessellation.

Not sure about tutorials for this.

Usually, just pick a piece of landscape you like, bring the heightmap into blender and create a mesh with 1mx1m (same as landscape) displacement for it.

You can check some of the cliffs in the Kite demo for better examples.

As always you have to keep texel density in check…

I agree, I always find it hard to make accurate terrain. This is a great thread though.

By the way, the reason the World Composition window was going blurry was because of the noise Blueprint brush. basically, as an actor, it was extending well beyond the level bounds, as it is built to affect the whole terrain. I’m sure we could tweak it’s blueprints to add a bounds component to it but either way, you can’t let it extend outside the level bounds and thus, you’re better off using the noise brush and manually creating noise rather than this automated blueprint brush.