Do Indie Games need approval to be commercialized?

Unreal Engine is a software economically suitable for everyone, due to its low cost. Even if you are a game company, an indie studio or a student, you have to pay 5% of your earnings. To avoid sale issues or doubts, the games have to be tested by some gamers.
But, what does Epic Games Staff think about?
Does the staff must verify my game, and judge it?

No, you just release and pay what you owe (if you have any income).

They will not verify or publicly judge you.

Read the license you got, answers others (like me) give you might not be what your license says; and you cannot later say ‘But Mikand79 said…’ :wink:

Or ask an lawyer. But it’s simple enough to understand without one.

Logo and Trademarks of Epic Games:

No, your game does not need to be judged or verified by the Epic Staff.
And just to clarify, you don’t have to pay 5% on ALL your earnings: (From the EULA) Licensees are not required to pay royalties on the first $3,000 in gross revenue per Product per quarter.
If Product revenue is less than $3,000 in a quarter, licensee is not required to report revenue for that Product.
Financial winnings from awards are exempt from royalties.

The less than $3,000 in a quarter policy from Unreal Engien 4, just… gives me the endless respect towards these guys! They realize when you’re so fresh your last thing to worry about should be that…

Yeah, I didn’t know that. You just had your point proven, Mikand79 :slight_smile: