Do IK driven animations affect the value of GetSocketLocation.

Should I be concerned about the return value from functions such as USkeletalMeshComponent::GetSocketLocation if the AnimBP ultimately does some procedural IK that affect the final position of the bones/socket.

I am trying to better understand some unstable results I get when I perform line traces for IK hand/feet placement. Will GetSocketLocation get me the location BEFORE or AFTER the AnimBP is evaluated? Also, am I safe to assume GetSocketLocation gives me the world location of the socket taking into account the currently playing animation (as opposed to the bind pose only).

I want to believe that it will return the socket location due to the currently playing animation, but that sounds like it implies the AnimBP is being evaluated, and hence it might get me the location after the IK additive animations, which I do not want.

Isn’t it just giving you the socket location based on the “current” pose? That’ll be the last frame’s final output pose until fairly late in the frame - I think the new pose from the anim instance gets written post-physics with parallel update.