Do I still need UDK3 for Mass Effect 3 modding?

Hi everyone. I’ve been trying to follow a guide on to do mesh and texture editing. However, my issue is not knowing whether or not UE4 can do the same job that UDK3 can for getting custom mesh models and textures into the game. I was wondering if there was a way for me to acquire the older iteration of Unreal Engine so that I can start modding. I have searched the interwebs in hopes that I could find an archive or torrent somewhere but I have been unsuccessful in my attempts. Can anybody help me?

UE4 will be incompatible with ME3, sorry. To mod it, you’ll likely need a version of UDK, but which, I’m not sure.

Did you ever find a solution to this? UDK3 is a unicorn that I can’t seem to find anywhere, and just exporting/importing .psks does not work (faces melt!?!). I’d appreciate any help finding UDK3 OR being pointed to an updated mesh modding method. Thanks!