Do I really need to re-compile BPs after re-compiling related C++ classes?

I have a BP actor that includes a custom C++ component. Within the actor’s BP graph I call various methods from that custom C++ component. Now every single time after compiling my C++ class I cannot run the project in the UE editor anymore, because the BP actor that uses the C++ class needs to be re-compiled as well.

This feels very cumbersome, in particular if I use the custom C++ class/component in multiple different BP actors.
Is there any way to make this workflow a bit simpler?

I can only guess as to the reason for this, but I encounter it a lot. My theory is the blueprint nodes are built when you compile C++, if you haven’t opened the blueprint and loaded it into memory you probably won’t have the issue. If you have already opened the blueprint, made a change in code, then loaded them into memory they need to be refreshed.

That’s my theory, currently this does not bother me as I am mostly Testing my C++ to Blueprint code interactions right now. The only real problem I run into is when I have a node in my blueprint whose signature I have changed (added or removed a C++ parameter), then I need to completely switch out that node.