Do I really have to have Nvidia Quadro GPUs for LED Monitors?

Hello there.
Sorry if this question stated before!

Now I’m learning virtual production and wanna try out a small project with LED display wall.
I prepared almost everthing such as…

  • 3D scene
  • HTC Vive trackers setup on camera and connceted via LiveLink
  • virtual camera calibration with my physical camera
  • nDisplay config works fine (tested with a smart TV) etc.

But we are planning to set up smaller LED walls in a few days so before doing that I really have to be sure that should I really need Quadro graphics card to syncronize timecode?

I have RTX 2070 Super. Can my GPU handle smaller scene to run nDisplay rendering via Switchboard with LED display?
//To honest I spent a lot money to reach this level but if I have to buy Quadro cards it’s gonna be little hard to spend more money :sweat_smile: so I’m asking this

I’m sorry I’m just experiencing this technic for the first time so if you guys let me know that if I’m not understanding some essential part about Timecode syncronization, please.
Thanks in advance.