Do I need to use an actor, pawn or character in my pong game?

I’m just starting in unreal engine and I want to start creating very simple things, so I thought I’d start by creating a ping pong game, that simple one where there are two rackets and a ball in the middle.

I wanted to know if I should create a paddle as an actor, pawn or character.

I saw a little bit the difference of each one, the actor is basically an object that I put in the scene.

Pawn I can possess, but it seems that the actor can also be possessed.

And character seems way beyond what I need, since I will only move the paddle in one direction.

anythign in the scene is an actor.

pawn allows possession, and character is a pawn that has the character movement component.

I don’t think that you necessarily need character or pawn for pong, because you just need to make a paddle move based on some input.

In unreal that is probably simplest to handle on a pawn because you can handle the input events right in the pawn blueprint.

I imagine that would be the most straightforward thing to do. You don’t really need the movement component because you can just set world location manually for movement.

if you havent done some of the 101 roll a ball tutorials you can find in the learn area, that would be worth runnign through just to get to grips with the basics quickly.

none of these classes would be wrong to use, just some include baggage that you don’t need. But its not going to hurt anything.

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