Do I need to use a MAC to build a IOS Game using the UE4?

I am a PC user but i wish to create content for the apple store as well as the windows store. Do i need to use a MAC to create and build a game that is ported to IOS?

Yes, you need Xcode 5.1 for proper compilation and signing of the iOS code.

Technically you could do compilation on any Mac without having to run the full Editor, if that Mac is not meeting minimum system requirements, through a use of command line.

Or alternatively drop the Editor display quality down to speed things up. There were reports here about some Mac users successfully being able to run the Editor on lower-end hardware, just do a search for it.

As far as I know, Unreal Engine 4 doesn’t support the Windows Store. These are Metro/WinRT applications only and are quite different from Windows Desktop builds.

Thanks for the feedback, I am now trying to find a cheap iMac to use as my build machine