Do I need to set anything other than the engine quality setting?

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There was a problem while building Unreal.
It’s just that the build doesn’t work the way I set it up!

I tried. Set it to Low, which is the lowest level, and build.
but the build file settings sent to the trash are maintained.
( 1. Epic build → 2. Epic build file delete → 3. Low build → 4. Looks like the Epic settings … )

When I build in Unreal, if I want the screen to change according to the quality value I set, is there anything else I need to set other than the uploaded picture?

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It doesn’t work like that.

When you build the game, it has nothing to do with the quality settings.

When the player plays the built game, the engine will automatically adjust the quality to suit their machine, unless you use code to change that ( for example a settings menu ).

Thank you very much for the reply!!
Could you please briefly explain how to change it using the code you mentioned? Or even a simple example!
Is it possible to set this in blueprints as well?

It’s a whole thing, so here’s a vid

I also just looked up my game’s ‘set scalabilty’ macro

The engine uses ‘user settings’ and an int to set the scalability level.

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You’re welcome.

I’ll freely say, this whole settings thing is a bit of a pig…