Do i need to pay royalty for a VR Training App?

hy I’m Giswa, one of the developers from Indonesia who developed a virtual reality application using unreal engine 4
I have a question regarding licensing
the case that I experienced was when I as a VR application developer gave the results of our application packaged that can be executed to other companies as a client where they use the application only to conduct training activities in virtual reality without a sale and purchase agreement between the two parties both from me as the developer and from other companies as clients and without profit, there is also no microtransaction in it.
is the license free or do I have to pay royalties?

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“This license is free to use and incurs 5% royalties when you monetize your game or other interactive off-the-shelf product and your gross revenues from that product exceed $3,000 per quarter.”

If you sell the VR app, for more than $3000 a quarter then you owe, 5%. If you are giving the VR app away (I wasn’t quite clear from your message) then there are no royalties. Basically, if you make money off of selling the product of your work in the engine, and that goes over that threshold, then you owe Epic. If you don’t make money from it, then you owe them nothing.

That’s my non-lawyer, laymen’s reading of the license. See the FAQ:

Hello ClarkDalel,

I’m not a lawyer so take everything I say with a grain of salt, but it definitely depends on your license agreement with Epic Games. You can read some of them here: Frequently Asked Questions - Unreal Engine . Just click on your respective license, if you have a custom agreement, you might want to contact the respective support. Bear in mind that you want to read up on the correct license, that means you should read the licensing terms for your country, as they might differ, depending on the local law.

I know this answer might not be as helpful as you might’ve wanted, but without knowing your exact licensing terms, and the respective info regarding them, nobody can really answer that for you.

Hope that helps.



This is correct. If you don’t make money, there’s no revenue on which to owe royalties.

thank you for answer
i was build the apps only for collaboration program there is no selling or microtransaction in this case

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