Do i need to pay royalties if my games are free?

I’m going to create a free game, and then i’m going to upload to playstore, do I need to pay royalties fees? 5
And ofc i’m going to get revenues from Ads

That is interesting and the epic staff will correct me if I am wrong but I do not think you will pay royalties. Royalties start after $3000 in gross sales of the game. I would recommend you still inform epic of your release you can find the link in the FAQs since you will be putting up in the play store.

Your correct epic takes 10% of everything you make after you reach $3000. So good luck with your game looking forward to seeing it and might even play it. : )

Are you sure? It wasn’t 5%? and the guy above says that they wouldn’t take.

So if i make money from ads, i will not be oblige to pay fees? Thanks for answering

ads count, if you make 3000 you will have to pay royalties. Also if youre planning a kickstarter, and your game is part of the reward, you owe them royalties for that part of said kickstarter as well

You pay 5% of any money made after $3000 USD
This is any income made from the game, kickstarts and adds

But you do not have to pay anything from rewards / grants

You’ll be required to pay royalties based upon revenue earned from your projects. This includes free-to-play titles that are supported by advertising. If you earn revenue from your game, then you’ll have to make payments to Epic based upon your earnings.

Furthermore, as others have noted, if you were to use Kickstarter or a similar crowd-funding website to secure funding, then you will also be required to pay royalties

This is set at the standard of 5% and is payable on amounts exceeding $3,000. That means if your title earns less than $3,000 per calender quarter, then you will not have any royalties to pay, as outlined below:

“Generally, you are obligated to pay to Epic 5% of all gross revenue after the first $3,000 per game or application per calendar quarter, regardless of what company collects the revenue.”

Additional information on releasing a game and paying royalty fees can be found here: https://www.unrealengine./release