Do I need to pay any royalties for a Healthcare Training App?

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I’m evaluating UE4 for several projects. For now, I’m still using Unity3D.
Before making the move, I would like to clarify few areas around the fees/royalties.

Following is my business case:

  • I want to setup a (cloud) platform to share/access 3D clinical usecase for training purpose (e.g: to learn a pathology, how to manage a patient, to perform an examination …)
  • Each training usecase will be specific (depends on the school/hospital that provided requirements/specs)
  • Only the registered/authorized people can access the clinical use cases available on the “training platform”
  • People will be : doctors, students, patients
  • Above people don’t pay to access the clinical usecase
  • They can access the training simulator through their browsers/desktop/mobile (by downloading/launching the related app)
  • Payment is done by the subscribers. I mean schools, hospitals or other government institution
  • The cost depends on : the clinical usecase defined by the doctors / schools / hospital or other government institution + platform usage (in order to scale servers resources according to the workload/network bandwidth)
  • My development team is composed of several Software Engineers and 3D artists

Basically, I just want to know if I’ve to pay any royalties/fees for this kind of project.

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This appears to be a regular product available to the mass market rather than a custom work for hire project. In that case, a royalty would be owed on Product revenue.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I just want to stress the “product” isn’t intent to be available to the “mass market” since it’s not used by everyone but only allowed people from healthcare institutions. Moreover, there isn’t “one product” but actually several a specific clinical usecase for each institution that provides the specs of the app to implement.

If it’s custom, one off work for a specific client, there is no royalty. Otherwise it’s subject to a royalty.