Do I need to be good at maths to make nice games with a nice performance?

I’m not really good at them, if the answer is yes. What kind of maths do I need to be good at?


vector math and trigonometry will be of most help in general game development. like most things in life, efficiency is the best way to optimize things, having an understanding of the best and fastest way to arrive at the solution to a math problem will make your game run better

Like Ixicalibur mentioned, Trigonometry and vector math is most useful. A general understanding of basic calculus helps too. You dont need to be really good at math, but it definitely helps. Most math operations in your game are quite simple and it falls on you to really think about what you are doing to make things as efficient as possible.

You will also get better with practice, so the more you practice the more efficient you will become. My advice? Start creating and ask for help when you get stuck!

Good luck :slight_smile:

‘Do I need to be good at math’… Why not give some examples of which types of games you want to make…
The good news is videogames let you cheat all the time… Nice performance is about more than math too!

I’d also throw in that logic is a must. If you don’t know how to properly use boolean logic, you’re going to have a bad time.

With blueprints you don’t need to know any crazy math. But math will certainly be one of your most powerful tools. But specific math not the broad generalized stuff you learn in school. Learn the specific things that apply to making your game better and it will be easy.

Any that comes to my mind, MMO, runners like temple run, etc.

Thanks everybody for the great answers :slight_smile:

You need vector math for about any kind of game. But math needed for games is quite easy and simple, no complicated formulas, mostly adding and multipy. With some more advanced things like dot product, cross product and trigonometry. But all that is like elementary school level.

That sounds so amazing. Thanks a lot for sharing.

if I went back to the past in a tardis I would learn mathematics, that’s for sure.

But on the other hand, I have several prototypes made, a game in steam and I’m finishing another one. And I have no idea of mathematics beyond the very basic.

Between following tutorials and the number of nodes / functions that already do mathematical functions, there is no problem.

Find look at rotation for example, for my is black magic how this work, I only need use the node.