Do I need the original .fbx/.png/.mp4 etc. saved in the content folder or only the .uasset files?

I’ve been working with Unreal for 3 years now and i’m still not sure whether it’s normal to save the original files .fbx/.png/.mp4 etc. in the content folder or just to use the .uasset files that are generated.

When a project becomes really big from saving all assets in the content folder, I sometimes migrate that project to a new blank project, to reduce the size and filter out the assets that aren’t being used in the project. However that of course leaves behind all the original .fbx/.png/.mp4 etc. and only copies the .uasset’s to the new content folder.

The only problem I’ve experienced with losing the original files is that the ‘File Media Source’ needs the original .mp4s to be saved in the content folder to load them.

I would be interested to hear how other people normally manage their content folders?


Textures and models are fully imported into the uasset files, so you don’t need the source inside the project folder. Movie files, however, are read directly off the mp4 files so you need to keep those.

Ah I see, well thanks for clearing that up for me!