Do i need Mac OS?

Do i need Mac OS to develop game with UE4 , or i can do that with Windows and test it on my Ipad ?

You need a Windows or a Mac OS Installation for Development. So Developing on Windows and testing on your Device is the way to go :wink:

Thx. Bro. :slight_smile:

If I understand correctly, you still have to be a registered Apple Developer to get the game on your iPad. Currently, the Windows to iOS Deployment only works for Blueprint-only projects. And of course, to actually publish a game you will still need a computer running MacOS.

To deploy to any iOS, you’ll certainly have to be a registered iOS developer with a development profile, all that jazz.

I’m a newbie to Unreal Engine and game development in general. I do have a published app in the App Store. When I downloaded UE4, I realized that my macbook pro doesn’t meet the hardware requirements of UE4. I looked at the apple store and their highest spec macbook still doesn’t meet the video card requirement of UE4. So, I’m thinking of purchasing a Windows laptop but I came across this text in
“The PC-only workflow described in this guide requires a pure Blueprint project. If you wish to use code in your project, you will also need a Mac in order to compile the code.”

My question is: Is it possible to create complex games using Blueprints only? Some examples I’m thinking of are: Clash of Clans, Farmville2, Plunder Pirates, etc. I’d appreciate all your input. Thanks.

jmanto, if you want to do any custom networking, you’re gonna need C++.
But make a complex single player game? Blueprint will work.

UE4 projects need XCode to compile on iOS. XCode is Mac OS exclusive.
There are people who claim they got XCode working on Windows but it’s clearly unofficial stuff.

You can develop on windows like if it was Android, and then test and compile with a Mac virtual machine.

I manage to run UE4 on a mid-2012 MacBook Pro that has an i7 and a Nvidia 750M. Performance is not great (in fact it’s terrible) but it should be good enough for compiling and deploying your game.

Thank you haruna, vblanco, and sswires.

I’ve just purchased an ASUS ROG PC. Our plan is to develop in Windows. Use source control to push and pull from Windows to my current Mac. And then build and deploy using my Mac. Will that work? Is there a more efficient way?