Do i need different versions of the engine?

I had 4.8.3 and now i downloaded 4.9.0 and it is a separate download.
I don’t want to have lots of versions cause its too much space on the harddrive.
Does the version differ a lot? Haven’t been using UE4 a lot but i want to start to.

The new version has some more features, bugfixes and improvements ->!&p=372664#post372664
But just stay with a version that is stable -> as long as you dont need the new features :slight_smile:

I suggest that you use the latest version, but that you also keep older versions that you’ve installed. I currently have 4.7 up to 4.9 installed, and there have been many times when having 4.7 installed has come in handy.

If you don’t use specific version you can delete it, you can always redownload every version back to 4.0, not only in laucher but also GitHub

  • Only move to a new engine version if you need a particular feature or fix.
  • When you move your project over to the new version, choose the “Make a copy” option
  • Fully test out your copied project on the new engine version. If you are blocked from development, you still have your original on the previous version
  • If you are confident that you can successfully develop your project on the new version, you don’t need to keep the old engine version, and you can remove it