Do I need dev kits when trying to develope for xbox one or ps4?

Hi all. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I’m pretty new to game development and how the whole process works. I was wondering now that unreal engine supports xbox one and ps4 development do I still need the Dev kits for these platforms? I think Microsoft dev kits are free if you sign up but I think for ps4 you have to pay. What are the Dev kits for and why do I need them? Thanks for any help.

Yes. You also need to be approved as an Developer to either ME or Sony or both. As for Dev Kits: Sony is giving them out free to some Devs too.

How do you get approved? Did you just have to get your concept approved?

Microsoft has an Indie dev program that you can sign up for to try and get approved as a developer. You can also do something similar for Playstation, but there is going to be a case of getting approved and the dev kits are limited.

Alright cool thanks guys

I remember reading that it can very difficult, if not impossible(unless your a major established AAA company) to get approved for the PS.

It’s changed a bit, used to be if you weren’t connected with a publisher then you had no chance but both consoles are trying to get smaller developers on there. At some point they will allow regular Xbox One consoles as dev consoles. Things are much more open than they used to be.

all xbox ones are already dev consoles (they have the software already but you need to input a certain sequence of buttons (or something like that) to get to the dev menu), but even after you get to the menu you need the key to activate it, although you only get a key if your a registered developer and when I checked (a while ago) you have to be a games company to register at the moment, read it on there website.


heres a link that might help

It isn’t yet, that function doesn’t actually allow games development. Currently the only way to do Xbox One development is to register and then Microsoft will send you a dev console.

Ones you turn xbox into a UE4 dev kit.Can it still play as a reguler game system?

I’m sure you could, it’s unclear because you can’t use it as a dev kit yet.