Do I need an apple device to package to IOS?

I’m having trouble with this Provision Profiles step. I’ve generated all the stuff, I’m a member of an apple developer team, got all that.

I created the .key and the .csr but now from my research it seems like I’m required to use some xcode thing on an actual apple device to make the provision profile?

Am I not apple to simple package to IOS without a device like I can with Android?

You can generate Provisioning Profiles on Apple Developer Website:

Provisioning Profile for development requires to provide Device IDs on which you want to run game (outside AppStore).

Unfortunately, the best way to make an iOS app is to have a Mac.

You are also going to run into the issue of trying to upload your game to the apple store - you need xcode for it (so basically you need a Mac).

They make it very difficult to even run/test the build without one too. AFAIK, even Unity does not provide things that Unreal does like letting you test development builds from Windows. When you try to test distribution builds, you’ll have to upload them to the store too in order to download through test flight and test.

Is there any reason I couldn’t get a team mate who has an apple device to package and test the project, while I handle Android?

Super annoying, but I guess that’d work, right?

You can use a Hackintosh for the xcode and upload.

Unfortunately, it’s not legal :frowning:

Wait! What do you mean it Illegal!?

Mac OS X license doesn’t allow to use this operating system on the other hardware than Mac.

I didn’t know that. My friend has a Mac with a window 7 OS. Meaning that he could in theory use the window side to make a PC game. Then switch to Apple to make a iOS version. I though the reverse could be true. A window PC with a Mac iOS. Now that I think about that explains why I can’t find an Apple iOS available for distribution. Like window OS.

Yes you are right. you need xcode for the app development…

Hackintosh is illegal but plenty of people do it, i’m not sure Apple really care or if it’s just a way to say you’re not getting any support. A lot of the people doing it will be doing it to dev for IOS devices which is still a lot of money in Apples pocket.

Yes, you can have a friend upload/submit to the store for you.
As long as you trust the friend with your signing credentials!
Or you can buy a cheap Mac Mini or iMac or something like that on eBay. Just make sure it’s recent enuogh to run the latest versions of MacOS X and XCode …

Scrap the above comment, UE4 now seems to be completely useless on my hackintosh. projects work fine in the editor until you press play or try to launch a preview, then ue4 just locks up. ironically unity used to have a messed up display making it useless, now that works fine.

You don’t need to be able to run the editor itself on Mac to build for iOS. If you setup the remote compilation via SSH, you can get by with a 7 year old Mac, hackintoshs or virtual machines just fine, then just use them to run the Application Loader and deploy to the app store. You don’t even need to install UE4 on the Mac, the remote compilation process does all the work for you.

It looks like if you are making BP-only game you can deploy and release on iOS from Windows. No Mac needed.

You migh see people saying its “possible”. The truth is its going to be a a nightmare even packaging from Windows.