Do I need a mac for game development for MacOS/iOS?

I have a powerful gaming desktop/workstation for 3d modeling and everything. I want to make a mobile game with 2.5D graphics. I want it to be available for PC/MacOS, Android, and iOS (iPhone/iPad). Do I need a mac to compile and release for MacOS/iOS or can I do that on my PC? If I do need a mac, will the MacBook do? or cheapest MacBook Pro? I don’t have a lot of money to spend.

You probably want to own the hardware that you plan on developing for.

Salutations @Oblivion2500,

Unfortunately to compile for iOS (I’m blanking on OSX but I’m sure its the same), you must use xcode due to apple rules.
It doesn’t matter the device as long as it can run the latest version of xcode, which should be anything you get, it’ll just effect your build/package times.

In my own case I use a pretty average macbook pro.

You can use a PC for testing but ultimately you’ll need a Mac to actually submit the app to the store.

What if I use Blueprint as opposed to C++ for 90% of my game code? I still need a mac to compile and ship a game to iOS or MacOS? Just making sure.

It has nothing to do with the code, the only way to set up an app for the app store is through XCode which is only on Mac.

Interesting topic must say :slight_smile:

But I would like to know whether a mac is a must for game development for MacOS/iOS?
I’ve been doing game development in the mac system I own since I was enrolled for the mobile app development course in Toronto. But I would say (as per my experience). Using mac system is a by far the best option. Using apple’s hardware to run Xcode is going to be your best experience for making apps.

For making games, Windows PC’s give you the option to have faster hardware which certainly impacts how easy it is to develop games. For making iOS games, you absolutely have to have a Mac to be able to submit apps, but you don’t necessarily need it to actually create the app, just for the submission to the app store.