Do i have to wait to 4.11 to be fully released to be able to run offical content examples

Hello. I’m using 4.11 version right now because i’m mainly interested in new shaders for hair/cloth etc. I was researching how to seup human skin, and turns out there is example scene made by Epic (thanks guys!) that can be found in free example called “Content Example”.

When i try to download this example, window pops up and informs me that this example is not compitable with my 4.11 version.

Do i have to wait when 4.11 will get fully released before i can acess this example content?

You can install UE 4.10, download the content example for version 4.10, and then try to open the content example using 4.11. It will let you convert the project. Note that it may not work correctly.

Thank you. I was able to download without installing 4.10 by pressing “donwload anyway” button. After that i opened the scene without any problem in 4.11.