Do I have to upload the .obb file to the Google Play Console?

This is my first time uploading to the Google Play Console. I can launch my app in developer mode and I can upload my .aab or .apk’s into the Google Play Console but I don’t understand how I upload the .obb file. Do I need to send the .obb file to the google play console? Do I have to pair my .obb and .aab somehow? My app is over 100mb so Unreal’s tick box won’t work. Any clarity is appreciated.


I appreciate the info. I can’t seem to find a way to upload the .obb file into google play console. I see no option in either the current console or the “classic” console. There is supposedly an “update APK” + icon next to the uploaded apk but it doesn’t show up in either Mozilla Firefox or Chrome. There is a guy on who mentions this icon is no longer available in 2020 (image below). So how the heck are people getting expansion files into google play console?


If you are uploading an AAB then it’s just the .aab file, the OBB is packaged inside of it automatically and if you enable the Google PAD plugin then the OBB is automatically added as an install-time asset.