Do I have to pay royalty if... (Long question)

Hi, I saw a question dealing with royalty on the site your game is hosted on. That part was clear, if the game was hosted on the website and all that.
But what if I linked my website inside the game (say in the intro or in the gameplay) to the home page. If players decided to donate to my website while on it (on a different page or by clicking an ad-banner) would that require royalty payments?
I assume not because it’s not linked to the game, the website is the only thing linked and to donate it’s on a totally different page on the website or on an ad-banner, but I’m still going to ask because I don’t want to get into some sort of legal trouble or be in debt to Epic.

(sorry for the bad English)

well . what you are proposing here is a trick to avoid paying epic :slight_smile: not quite sure it s fair :slight_smile:
but i m not sure of what you meant. did you meant players will support your website, or players will support your game, but on your website?

you may have to ask epic sales directly, or wait a bit for a staff member to answer here.

Not at all, actually. What I am asking is if I can have a donation page on my website to support me without having to pay Epic.
Let me explain a bit further:
In the game will be a link to my website’s home page, but on the home page you do not have the donation button, you would have to go to the donation page itself. In the donation page it would say something like “Donate and support me!”
Would that require royalty payment?

No royalties are due on true donations. However, “donations” that get game access or other in-game benefit, even if made on a website outside the game, are still royalty-bearing.

No royalties are due on advertisement revenue from a website outside the game.