Do I have to pay for using UE4 when I am not selling my UE4 work but advertising other products through it?

I want to create some stunning videos in UE4 in association with other modelling software.

My purpose is to use them for advertising features of another software through the short movies.
The software I want to promote is used for energy analysis, simulation and masterplanning.
There will be architectural walkthroughs too to show off the magnitude of projects handled by the software.

Now my specific query is: Is a paid license necessary if a product made by UE4 (video clips only) is used to promote sales of another product, which is not a game? I mean, of course the software has a much higher quarterly revenue than 3000$.

So if I am not selling the UE4 product directly or indirectly but only using it as advertising media in meetings, seminars and websites, am I totally free to learn and operate in UE4, and use the end results as I wish?

I am okay with a ‘created with Unreal Engine 4’ watermark or something like that. If that’s the case, please inform me of the format and other standards I should follow in doing so. If the clause is compatible with our company policy, I can get a go ahead on this…

Under the EULA, noninteractive video is always royalty free, so you’re good to go.

I read that ‘4. Royalty’ part myself too, still wanted to verify since it is associated with sales of another software, which was not specifically mentioned. Also, do I need to use any watermarks on stills and videos created in UE4, or it’s fine as is?

One more query: If I am making an interactive demo for promoting sale of another software, is it still royalty-free? I mean, it won’t be sold separately or as a part of that software. It will only be presented at meetings and seminars for enhanced explanations to clients etc. No one else (i.e.clients) apart from our consultants shall have access to the program or any fragment of its codes. It will be a non-profit piece of .exe which shall be used to boost profit of another software, that’s all. Under such circumstances, is it still royalty-free?

It’s fine as is.

That would still be royalty free based on your description.

Thanks a ton for your reply, it helped a lot.