Do I have to patent my indie game?

Do I have to patent my indie game?
Or just the title, name and design of characters?

Or I don’t have to patent anything at all?

I see people posting builds and videos of the development process
Is that risky in any way?

just asking =)

Not being your lawyer, I can’t give you legal advice. So the following isn’t legal advice to you.

Patents are for inventions, so the only time patents are relevant to games are when there is a particularly new and innovative invention in a game. Patents aren’t common at all for indie games.

Trademarks are usually for a game title, and it’s important to research your game title to make sure it doesn’t trip over someone else’s trademark, and it can be helpful to register your trademark once you have it settled.

Copyrights are for works of creative expression, and that applies to video games. Copyrights generate automatically at the moment of creation, but there can be advantages for registering your copyright in your video game. Those advantages relate to being in a better position in case you end up in a copyright litigation relating to the game.

This is all very high level, but should give you a starting point.

awesome answer
thank you very much!