Do I have to make everything extremely low poly?


I’m newbie, right now I’m learning how to make low poly assets with baked textures.

I made a tupperware which was 250poly, I retopoed it to 96poly,
and baked textures(diffuse color, transparency, reflection, emmision, Normal)

This work took hell of more time than creating tupperware itself.

are all these necassary? I baked textures because game engines can’t import original textures very well, but this is one tupperware, which was only 250 poly.

Do people usually do all this work for small simple things like box, container, cups, jars, etc.,?

Thx ahead.

If it’s not a very important object, try not to spend too much time on it. You could also probably fit several of these small objects into a single material, thus saving draw calls and memory.

For such small objects I personally just create a low poly mesh -> so no high to low poly baking. This saves time and you wont use too many tris -> better for the performance :slight_smile:

Its actually a matter for targeted hardware high poly mesh if done Right can be extremely detailed and also capture that essence of realistic but high poly mesh comes with a cost it was meant for high end pc so it never meant for the masses if you want to create a game that is reachable by everyone you should try to make it as low poly as possible without losing to much of it shape