Do I have to have 3DS Max to use Unreal Engine?

I find the price of Unreal Engine well within my budget, I might even give out copies for Halloween I like the price so much.

I plan on just making animated scenes, and 3DS Max is out of my budget (isn’t that the $3,000 program or something?).

Does this program work stand alone?

Thanks, save me some time learning if I can’t use it property.

Hey - You can use any Content creation software that exports to .FBX

You are not limited to 3ds max :slight_smile:

Also .obj and now .gltf. I use Sketchup, 3dcoat, blender, substance and maya lt. Just make shure you have good geometry.

You don’t have to use 3ds Max, but the FBX format works easiest with 3ds Max/Maya. And the Datasmith plugin works with 3ds Max
But there’s also free software like Blender.