Do I have to create a save game object every time I want to save to new slot

If I do a create a save game object every time I want to save to a new slot in the same game (without restarting it) I dont have issues.

If I create a save game object once and then do a save out to slot (targeting it from different save out to slots) then I still get different slots written out as sav files but the data in there gets confused and over written.

It seems like you have to do the create a save object every time in game you want to save a different version to a different slot.

Do I understand that correctly?

Thank you documentation for explaining nothing about this.

If I stop and start the game and save to a different slot every time it works. Data does not get confused between slots. So to me that shows you have to “refresh” or create the save game object every time you save to a slot.

Think I found the problem.
I am using a find all actors of class and for each loop ONCE with the first saved version and then I just reference to that actor again piping into the out pin on the foreachloop node.
I forgot that you have to promote that to a variable and write into it or do the find all actors of class and foreachloop with EVERY save version.
Looks like I am just doing stupid things :slight_smile:

No thats not the problem.
Maybe the answer is on Mars somewhere.
It just looks to me that Blueprint nodes work sometimes and sometimes they dont.
Maybe it depends on the weather or something.

Well the only conclusion I can come to is that these dumb save to slot nodes dont work in a level BP.
So back to do everything in the Widget BP because it worked just fine from there.

This save to slot node is as confused as a drunken sailor on a Friday night.

Everything else is working fine.

I just get data written into the wrong slots.

I wonder what the big secret is.

Ssssh dont tell anyone. Write a game engine that is encrypted and and everything is a big secret.

I know it makes you feel like a genius.

Here is how a save and load system works in Unity.

I bet this actually works.…ature=emb_logo

O.k. this time I found the real answer.
I am going to do a few screen grabs and do a bit of explaining.
In short I was using a foreachloop to update a value I was saving out and I was using the wrong output pin.
I was using loop body in stead of completed.
The problem all along was not duplicate data in the wrong slots it was the loop that was never completed
and the variable that feeds info into the save to slot node
was never updated.
Big mystery solved.
It had nothing to do with saving to slot node.

This also explains:

  1. Why I had problems right after a Windows update. Machine probably ran little slower after the update and the loop was not completed that
    made it worse.
    That is why the code suddenly became really buggy after the Windows update.
    That would make sense.
  2. Why I was having problems with my code when running laptop in battery mode. The machine is obviously a little slower so
    the loop again wasn’t being completed.

What was terrible about this problem is that it was intermittent. Not consistent. And that was obviously because the speed of my machine
is not consistent. Wha!!.

So there you you. I should just have used the “completed” out pin on the foreachloop.
I had no way of knowing though if that node completed its loop or not it would be really helpful if a feature or warning
could be added to that node that tells you if its completing its loop or not.
Since its inconsistent and you never know what its doing behind the scenes.

I also learned you can double click on the foreachloop node to see how the macro is constructed. Didn’t know that either. This kinda thing happens to me because I never take the time to read documentation I just learn on the fly.