Do I have to compile the engine when using student pack?

Previously I subscribed to UE4 and then I canceled my subscription after few months. I have a GitHub student pack now so I have access to source code on GitHub but I can’t download pre-compiled engine. My question is: is it possible with student pack to download pre-compiled engine in account settings just like when I was subscribed or do I have to compile it by my own?

Leaving a comment because i’m interested in this too.

Hi ,

The GitHub Student Pack should provide you with an active Unreal Engine account. If you log into your Unreal Engine account, what are the plan details and status of the subscription that it shows there?

Hi, thank you for the reply.
Status of subscription: Your subscription will expire on November 16, 2015
I’ve used GitHub Student Pack redeem code with my old account where I already had been subscribed.

We pulled up your account information, and on our end it is showing that your account is Active (and the discrepancy between the expiration date and status that you are seeing is odd as well). When you logged in to check your account status, were you logging in to an account that uses the same email address as you use for your AnswerHub account?

I’ve just figured it out. It was my fault. I had to go to library in the new UE Launcher, add new version 4.5.1 and then install it. I’m sorry for dumb question. I’m new to UE and didn’t notice the option to add another version. Anyway thank you for your help.

Glad to hear that it is working for you now. My next question was going to be asking for the steps you were following to download the Engine, so you beat me to the solution.