Do i have to be carefull about upk package sizes?

Im reordering many textures and shaders and for some reason i decided to maintain upks in the editor between 150 and 180mb each.Is that good, bad? Took a quick look at some packages that come with unreal 3 editors from painkiller and killing floor 2 and most were like 300-400-600-800mb.Obviously their engine is modified but what should my limit be for probably ‘‘smooth final game loading’’? (if such a thing even exists )

If i remember right. You will get a warning at 300 mb to make it smaller. It was so the game could fit on to consoles.

Thank you.I thought the 300mb was for pc.So, having multiple packages with 150 -180mb should not be a problem than?
From curiosity, how big do you guys maintain your upks?

i kept everything under 300mb. I did have one over 300mb and fixed it to be under 300mb and it ran fine, just got a warning all the time. The biggest we have is 297.696 which is the player and his stuff, and rest are 240 and lower

I did not care about it, yet I can still package my game.