Do I even need to use "connect to source control"?

Hello everyone, I am working on a project as the blueprint person with my partner using perforce. I only deal with blueprints, and he deals with everything else. The problem is that his internet is very slow, so he’ll finish something in UE4, and it will take quite a while to submit, so we submit through P4V. What I am wondering is, can we just work offline in UE4, and every night just submit our changes?

You sure can (at least with subversion - I imagine perforce will be the same).

I work this way when I work through a slow vpn connection. It is still a good idea to ‘lock’ the shared files if there’s a chance the other might affect it somehow though (eg. the other person renames an asset referenced by your blueprint file, and your bp has to be updated …).

In a small team, it’s perfectly doable, just less safe.