Do I also need Subscription to get access to c++ source code


I followed all the instructions at:

and assigned my github username and even got an email that it is linked, however I don’t see the unrealengine repository. Do I need the $19 subscription?

There is no $19 subscription.

I was having the same issue linking my GitHub account, any ideas on how to solve it?

Hi atypic,

I have linked mine but it doesn’t work. My epic username is agentx64. my github username is agentdark64.
I even got a link success email, but going to Epic Games · GitHub I only see the 2 default repos, not unrealengine. even when I’m logged in…

Hi everyone,

We have noticed that there is currently an issue with the automated system that links Unreal Engine and GitHub accounts. We are working on getting the system working again, and are investigating options to replace the current system with a more robust one. We are also trying to see if we can determine what accounts have attempted to link with a GitHub account since this issue began, and whether we are able to put the link in place for those accounts.

Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

I have the same problem.

We identified an issue that’s since been fixed. You should now be able to link your GitHub/Epic Games accounts.

We’re aware of an error message that’s displayed. Refresh the page, and you should see that the accounts were linked properly.

Please let us know if the issue persists.