Do event inputs still eat ram after event end?

I’ve noticed that the inputs for events can be shared and accessed from inside other events as well as they would not disappear after their original event has ended.

Does this mean they are kept “alive” 24/7 like regular variables?

It can severely damage the RAM performance and we all should review our style of blueprint programming in this case.


Can you post a screenshot with some print strings or something to that effect. I’m curious myself and with pictures others might help you better.

did. i hope it brings more people to the topic

function’s parameters are local to that function which means they are created on function call and destroyed on function ends.

and events are functions

the ‘answer’ statement is irrelevant to the question.

the ‘comment’ statement is false. see the screenshot and the question details. as you see they are not deleted.
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Well these events should be light weight and global, don’t imagine any need to change programming style, I would say it doesn’t take up any more RAM if its in more than one BP, have you tried seeing what the 4.19 BP debugger gives, haven’t touched 4.19 yet.

it’s not quite true, the input variable is valid for it’s own instance only, meaning there is a global variable created for each instance.

I didn’t try 4.19 either, i didn’t see anything related to that in the changelist. i will update this post after if i still see some changes after i update.