Do Arrays work correctly?

Hello everyone,
I do not know if what i am facing has to do with my noobness or there is actually a problem with arrays.
As you can see from the picture below i have 5 instances of my rockTrap but the system returns 15!
What am i missing?

Thank you!

From what I can tell, you have 15 members in your array, because each instance of your rock trap thingy is added 3 times. Add a breakpoint to the for each loop to figure out if that one’s called 15 times. Your ‘add’ logic looks ok, at least I didn’t spot an issue there.

Thanks , you cannot imagine how much time i spend today until i figured this out.I was seeing all sorts of weird stuff and now at least i know why.Lets hope someone from the staff will see this and tell me if this is normal or it is a bug .

Have you tried a simple “print string” right before the loop to check if it’s executed multiple times?

I will try it first thing in the morning but i highly doubt that this is the problem since it fires from the BP’s event begin node.But it never hurts to double check :slight_smile: