Do anyone know a good procedural planet generation or terrain?


Do anyone know any good procedural planet generation or terrain? What I need requires to allow caves and caverns?

I tried voxel plugin but it’s $300+ dollars to get. Although I tried the free support at least for the generation. I can’t get technical support since the developer only supports the paid version. Additionally, it’s meant to be used in the editor in c++. I saw a few others but that would not allow the scale I am thinking for.

I would mind helping in one that someone needs assistant in making. I just have a project that I won’t to move around using landscape with height maps to actual terrain generation. I’m familiar with voxels and some marching cube methods.


You can try to use my implementation of the Voxels — Voxel Art Plugin, that allows you to create any worlds you want.
However, the key feature is that I am focusing on the free version at the moment (Which supports many features). The plugin has not yet been released at this time, but I plan to make a release as soon as this month.

More Info:…s-in-real-time